Genesis Club presents a perfect space for your enlightenment. Located north of Toronto in Markham, the space wears the history of another era on her walls. In a community ever-changing we aim to offer an experience like no other: music, drinks, people, adventure, new relationships, friendships and experiences await.


Unparalleled artistry, theatrical lighting, video production and experiential storytelling transport you to an extraordinary, multi-dimensional universe that evolves throughout the night. 10,000 square feet of striking design and unexpected wonder combine with powerful sound, immersive light, sensual forms and tactile details to delight and astound at every turn.


Take advantage of our 12 Private Booths,

including our state of the art Private Karaoke Room with enough room to host 20 patrons, your possibilities are endless.


Contact us for your corporate private parties, events ranging from conferences and product launches, to receptions and gala celebrations. Equipped with the latest digital technology and refined furnishings. We offer a wide variety luxury services to cater to you and your business. Inquire within for packages.